Research Publications


Mapping the Territory

Edited by Sally Wade and Kerry Walton

February 2011 – ISBN number: 978 1 907382 30 7


The selected research papers from this publication were presented at the Foresight Centre, University of Liverpool, 17-18 November 2009


Foreword by Sally Wade


Keynote: Is There a New Normal – David Shah


Presentation: Ten Things a Fashion Designer Should Know About Global Sourcing to be Good at Their Job – Sue Nosworthy


Presentation: We are in Danger of Losing touch with the Craft Element of Fashion Design – Bruce Montgomery

Research Papers

The Inspiration Board: Visually Evidencing the Hermeneutic Circle 

Claire Lerpiniere


Developing Communities of Practise: Glue, Buzz and Identities of belonging 

Tina Downes


Past Future 

Anne Marr

The Sustainability of Research 

Kay Politowitz


Hands-on, Minds-on 

Penny MacBeth


Been There! Done it! Just Not Quite Sure if I’ve Earner the T-Shirt 

Doug Miller, Janine Munslow


It Looks Very Home Dress Makey 

Kevin Almond


A Taxonomy of Pattern Through the Analysis of Nottingham Lace 

Amamnda Briggs-Goode

Joy Buttress


The Use of Colour To Manipulate Pattern in Knitted Fabrics 

Elizabeth Gaston


Lost in Translation: Building Global Communities Through International Workshop Delivery – Beijing, China 2009 

Lucy Jones


Developing Employability Within Fashion and Textiles Curricula 

Cassandra O’Connor


Reflect, Understand and Plan: An Integrated Learning Portfolio

Paul Squires

Amanda Tinker

Nicola Redmore


The Fields of Fashion Project: A Case for Intellectual Bricolage and a Geography of (Rural) Fashion 

Alison Goodrum